diapers.com Diapers.com have the DVD, and both English AND Spanish hardcover classic BOOKS here.

Target.com have the BOTH/Uni POTTY gift box incl. a digital MUSIC CD, and NEW, special BOY or GIRL gift box BUNDLES, with book AND complete DOLL SET here.

The new baby amazon.com store has our BOTH/Uni POTTY gift box with the audio CD, the BOY and GIRL +book gift boxes, and - of course - the books and DVD's, etc. here.

One Step Ahead have the BOOKs, VHS's, DVD's, AND the NEW gender-specific PLUSH DOLLS sets, each with its own, labeled plastic mini-potty here.

Walmart.com offers the BOY+book and GIRL+book POTTY gift boxes here.

Abby's Lane have the BOOKS, DOLL sets and full-size POTTY gift boxes here.

Barnes & Noble online or in their stores have the BOOKs, VHS's, DVD's here, and you should also be able to find those wherever fine, classic, quality children items are sold...

The Right Start often has the DVD classics in stores and here.

eGoBeBe provide high quality items, and of course feature our VHS and DVD's here.

And, finally: check out this list of INDEPENDENT SPECIALTY STORES who have ordered from us.
If your favorite store doesn't carry us, well, tell them to call us right away!

Why the Once Upon a Potty potty is THE BEST:

Similar but BETTER than the ones seen in our bestselling Once Upon a Potty videos and DVD's, ALL deluxe potties include official, permanent, heat-transfer labels which will NEVER COME OFF! The no-nonsense, saddle-shaped, one-piece design also develops the child's responsibility, is great for taking ON THE ROAD, in the car; while offering the largest sitting area, and is ultra-easy to clean!

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